Anthony Sather: Man Who Filmed Himself Beating Girlfriend’s Dog Before Shooting It Pleads Guilty

A 25-year-old man from Minnesota made headlines when he was accused of filming himself beat his girlfriend’s dog before shooting it. The Shiba Inu-husky mix was punched, kicked, and thrown against the concrete floor of a garage in the horrifying video. As the dog yelped in pain and tried to escape, the man, Anthony Sather, could be seen smiling for the camera. As if the abuse to the animal wasn’t enough, Sather then proceeded to execute the dog as it lie beaten in the grass. The disgusting video landed Sather in jail, facing charges of aggravated animal cruelty and drug possession, both of which Sather pleaded guilty to on Thursday.

The Star Tribune reports that Anthony Sather filmed the brutal beating of his girlfriend’s dog, Draco. Police described the video in horrific detail, noting that at one point, the injured dog tried to escape the clutches of Sather, only to be dragged back into the video frame. Police say that throughout the horrifying video, the man could be seen smiling. At one point, the police noted that Sather looked at the camera with a big grin and began licking his lips as he said, “This ain’t over yet.” After beating the dog, the man then took Draco outside and shot it execution-style with a pistol. Police say the actual shooting was not captured on tape, but that Draco is seen laying in the grass as the camera shows Sather with a pistol. Gunshots are heard and the video ends.

Sather has admitted to torturing Draco and stated to police that he beat the dog and “executed the dog with a firearm.”

“I beat the dog. I killed the dog. I kicked it and threw it. Hit it pretty hard. I executed the dog with a firearm.”

The charges against Sather began when the man’s girlfriend, Andrea Godfrey, found her beloved dog Draco in a ditch. The dog had been stripped of his collar and bandanna he normally wore and had a gunshot wound. At the time, Godfrey did not know her boyfriend had abused and killed the dog. However, in December, Godfrey found the horrifying video on Sather’s computer.

Sadly, the troubled man only faces up to two years in prison for his offense against the dog. Felony torture of a companion animal carries a maximum sentence up to two years imprisonment and a $5,000 fine. Is that enough jail time for what Anthony Sather did to his girlfriend’s dog?

[Image Credit: Mugshot / Facebook]