Minnesota Man Records Torture, Killing Of Girlfriend’s Shiba Inu Husky

Draco, the Shiba Inu Husky pictured above, is dead after police say that 24-year-old Anthony R. Sather brutalized and executed the animal over a series of three videos.

The dog belonged to Sather’s girlfriend, Andrea Godfrey, who was the one that found the videos on her boyfriend’s computer.

She recorded them on her cellphone and took them to police, who arrested Sather.

“The torture, it shocks the conscience,” said Sheriff’s Capt. Scott Fildes in comments to the Star Tribune.

“[The video] was extremely difficult to watch.”

Fildes added that he and his fellow officers “see things that we don’t want to see all the time, and this was just horrible.”

Police have not released the videos to the public, but describe a horrific scene in which Sather closes the garage door and drags the Shiba Inu Husky from the kennel “for a beating.”

In video one, he punches Draco in the head “several times” then lifts the dog over his head and slams it “on the concrete floor multiple times.” He then delivered several kicks to the dog and dragged it back in view of the camera as it tried to get away. The assault continued from there, leaving “large amounts of blood on the floor,” according to the complaint.

(The Shiba Inu Husky breed usually tops out at around 22 pounds. Sather weighs 150.)

At the end of the first video, Sather smiles and says, “This ain’t done yet,” then licks his lips and closes out the recording.

Video two is described as shorter and features Sather kicking Draco. In the third video, “Sather held a silver pistol, the dog prone in a patch of grass,” the Star Tribune reports, adding that the suspect “was yelling and pointing the gun at Draco.”

“Gunshots are heard,” according to the complaint, suggesting the moment of death was not caught on camera.

When investigators arrested Sather, they found the silver pistol as well as 300 valium pills and 3.5 ounces of marijuana in his nightstand. The report also states that he has a criminal history that includes “a drug possession conviction in January 2013 as well as an underage drinking violation.”

Godfrey posted this heartbreaking tribute to her pet in the days following his death.


The question has long been asked about what to do with animal abuse perpetrators who go to these levels of sadism when injuring an animal. This case is reminiscent of the Craigslist Dog Killer, who was arrested for dismembering dogs purchased on the classified ad site last year. He reportedly took great pleasure in the amount of planning that appears to have been taken in the torture and killing.

Do you think Sather should face hard jail time for his crime against the Shiba Inu Husky, or do these types of people need psychiatric care? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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