'Grimm' Will Be 'Even Bigger, Even Darker, Even Weirder'

Warning: This article contains spoilers for season 5 of Grimm.

By now, we all know that Grimm's Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) is in a dark place following the death of his girlfriend, Juliette Silverton (Bitsie Tulloch), but, even though Grimm fans watched Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) dispatch Juliette with the precision of a skilled Grimm, rumors are surfacing that Juliette may not be permanently dead.

Tulloch herself reinforced the idea that her Grimm character shouldn't be counted out by fans so easily, when she posted a picture of herself as Juliette with Truble's arrow piercing her neck. The caption read: "Just a flesh wound (Just kidding)."

Whether or not Grimm's Bitsie Tulloch returns in her role as Juliette, there's no doubt that her character's fate has served as a catalyst, forever changing Grimm's other primary characters irrevocably. Grimm executive producer David Greenwalt suggests that, no matter how devestated Nick may be by that loss, he will, at some point, have to shake it off and move on. Grimm fans may have seen the characters touch on this in the last few episodes of season 4, but it seems the Grimm execs have a definitive idea about how Nick should move on.

"Well, something's gotta happen, one way or the other," Greenwald revealed. "He's gotta be responsible for the child."

"He's got a child and he's got to step up at some point," added Jim Kouf, another Grimm EP. "He knows he can't abandon his child. He was abandoned."

Kouf also responded to questions concerning Tulloch's return to Grimm, though the executive producer's response couldn't have been more cryptic.

"It's a good question. The answer is... possibly not. I think it keeps everyone on edge. You don't know what's going to happen. Anything could happen. It seems like a few shows, episode whatever, they get married or they finally get together. We decided to go a different way."

Grimm's Greenwalt said that season 5 will have Nick focusing on his relationship with Adalind, because as the EP stated in interviews, Nick is going to have to deal with that one way or the other. He also said that there will be some big changes in Grimm's fifth season.

"I think it's going to be even darker still in a way. You know, it's not going to be the same Grimm. I think it will be even bigger, even darker, even weirder. You know, I think it's where it naturally will go."

The idea of a changing Grimm was reinforced by David Giuntoli, when he tweeted a message about the upcoming Grimm shooting schedule.

"2 weeks until we start filming season 5 of @NBCGrimm. It's going to be a wild one."
Grimm will premiere in October on NBC.

[Featured image: Jacqueline Toboni and David Giuntoli courtesy of NBC/Grimm]