Gay Men More Fascinated With NYPD’s Miguel Pimentel Than Caitlyn Jenner

Miguel Pimentel, the police officer who gained international recognition when a picture of him standing by his cop car went viral, has now caught the attention of gay men everywhere. In fact, it has interrupted the talk on gay forums on the effects Caitlyn Jenner is having on the LGBT community.

Popular gay blog NewNowNext is foaming at the mouth over the hunky NYPD officer.

“The 33-year-old deputy and competitive bodybuilder is blowing up the Internet with his beefy Instagram feed—and inspiring usually sane New Yorkers to consider a citywide crime spree.”

Commenters after the blog post definitely agree.

“Dear baby Jesus! Marry me Miguel please!” says commenter “RyanchasSC1.”

“I would let this officer handcuff me, strip me, and beat the hell out of me. I would enjoy and get aroused at every moment!” says commenter “JesseB”


Mr. Pimentel’s Instagram was flooded with comments from gay men. Some of them wanted to eat him, others just wanted to touch him. One gay fan named “Stonewall77” became a little bit too explicit by describing what he would do with his tongue in detail. Perhaps Miguel Pimentel got a little too offended and completely deleted his Instagram account. That’s okay; there are many pictures gay men have collected so they can fantasize about him.

Unfortunately, at least for the gay men that are lusting over him, Mr. Pimentel appears to be straight. As the New York Daily News indicates, Miguel Pimentel has a steady girlfriend of two years. His mother claims she is a beautiful girl. She also talks about all the attention her son Miguel has been getting.

“I don’t think she’s [his girlfriend] too happy with all the attention he’s getting. They’re a beautiful couple. She’s got a good man, and she’s a very good girl.”

Francia Pimentel is still happy that her son is getting a lot of attention. As for Miguel, he says (in the same NY Daily News interview) that he has been approached by several women since the photo went viral.

“I’ve already gotten a couple of women approach me on the street, saying, ‘Oh you’re the cop on Facebook.’ I’ve had four girls approach me and tell me that they’ve been catfished with my photo.”

Miguel Pimentel is a former Marine who has served duty in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He is obviously a determined man who appreciates his job with the NYPD. Perhaps, especially after the backlash police in New York City have received since last year, Miguel Pimentel can help put a positive spin on the NYPD’s image.

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