Walmart Rockstars: Viral Video Shows Men Performing Blues Classic With Toy Guitar [Video]

Two men went into a Walmart and created some pretty amazing blues music with nothing but a tiny red guitar from the toy section. The video was uploaded back in 2013 but recently has gone viral with nearly one million views.

Walmart is known as somewhat of a laughing stock when it comes to internet memes and videos. In fact, Walmart has its own website dedicated to the odd and comical happenings from within the retailer’s walls. Walmart also frequently makes its way into media headlines with horror stories such as parking lot shootings, Black Friday melees and racist confrontations. However, this viral Walmart video shows that sometimes customers come into the store on their best behavior.

In the video, which was uploaded by Clay Shelburn, you see two guys rocking out in the middle of the store with a toy guitar. The pair are singing a classic blues hit, “Pride and Joy.” The man is able to make the tiny toy guitar sound like the real deal, and the pair finish their song right in the middle of the toy section.

Shelburn notes in comments on his video that he would have sang “full voice” if he knew the video was going to go viral. With nearly one million hits, it seems that people are pretty impressed with his toy guitar skills.

This isn’t the first time a video inside a Walmart has gone viral for positive reasons. The Inquisitr previously reported on a video that featured some children singing the national anthem into a set of oscillating fans.

[Image Credit: YouTube]