Kids Of Walmart: Adorable Moment Two Kids Break Out Into National Anthem With Fans All Around

An unsuspecting Walmart shopper was in for a treat when he was able to capture this adorable moment on his cell phone camera. The man was perusing the lengthy aisles of the retail giant when he heard the sweet sound of American pride echoing nearby. What he found was two children belting out the national anthem in the most unlikely of ways.

Walmart shopper Mark Ammann says he heard the national anthem being sung nearby by some young voices and stumbled upon the scene above. He proceeded to record the children’s unique rendition. Part way through the song, another young girl points out to the children that they are being filmed. They shrug it off and continue with their song all the way until completion.

In the video, you can watch as a young boy and girl are playing near the oscillating fan section of Walmart. Children love talking into fans because of the distorted voice that can be heard. However, these two young people took their fan-talking to a whole new level by belting out the Star Spangled Banner into the circular contraptions. The result was both hilarious and beautiful all in the same.

The video has gone viral and has already been viewed over 1.6 million times since it was uploaded four days ago. It seems that many of the commenters were ready for something to brighten their day when they opened the video and it didn’t disappoint. Some are just happy that the youngsters knew all the words to the iconic national song.

What do you think about the children’s unique take on the national anthem? Are you going to be a member of their fan base?