Socialcast upgrades social networking platform

Corporate social network provider Socialcast has announced a range of upgrades to their Software-as-a-Service collaboration platform, including worklog and bookmarklet tools.

Socialcast offers companies an engagement platform that is focused on capturing the creativity and intellect of a workforce. The platform includes the ability for project managers to monitor work in progress and to document milestones and day-to-day achievements of employees.

Included in the upgrade are mini user profiles, including latest status post, connections and links to external services; a worklog feature enables users to keep track of specific tasks and project steps in a public manner using a micro-blogging format; a bookmarklet tool allows employees to share status updates and Web site hyperlinks while browsing the Internet, Twitter style; and suggested contact directory.

I couldn't find an embeddable demo, but an interview below with Socialcast's CEO from Interop.