Lion King Vs. Aladdin: This Is What Happens When Two Broadway Casts Have A 6-Hour Flight Delay [Video]

The Broadway casts of Lion King and Aladdin were stuck in LaGuardia Airport after their flights to Orlando were delayed. To pass time, the Lion King crew decided to perform some of their Broadway hits famous songs for the waiting passengers. As a result, the Aladdin cast decided to step up to the plate and an epic Broadway sing-off ensured.

A video of the battle of song was uploaded on Youtube and has since gone viral with over two million hits in just three days. The video begins with the Lion King cast singing some of their award-winning tunes as crowds of passengers gather around. At the end of the song, another Broadway cast makes their way into the terminal and throws down a little improvised rap about the flight delay.

As the song battle continues, the Lion King breaks out some of their most popular hits like the “Circle of Life” to the cheers of the crowd. The Aladdin cast says that they are the underdogs as Lion King has “ten hits on one record” and that they are definitely the underdogs in the challenge. The “genie” notes that they “improv their way” and Lion King “practices every night” but they will give it a go and perform the Aladdin hit “Arabian Nights.”

This isn’t the first time the Lion King cast has surprised people in random locations. The cast has also been filmed performing on a New York subway.

What do you think of the Broadway cast song battle?