‘Move To The Back Before I Make You Move’: Chris Brown Said Aggressively As He Forced His Way Into Karrueche Tran’s Car After Night Club

Is Chris Brown trying to force his way back into Karrueche Tran’s life? It sure seems that way as he was heard saying, “Move to the back before I make you move” when he forced his way into her car after leaving a night club, according to Hollywood Life.

We all know that Karrueche split soon after discovering Chris Brown fathered a child with someone else while the couple was still together. What we didn’t know was how long she was going to be apart from the “Ayo” singer.

Wendy Williams in particular stated that she believed the couple would be back together in no time since “there isn’t room for everybody at Harvard” and saying that “there are some girls who date celebrities for a come up.”

However, it appears Karrueche is no longer interested in dating the singer and now wants nothing to do with her cheating ex; this time, the separation could be permanent. On June 4, the two were surrounded by a slew of paparazzi’s as they exited a night club. It’s unclear if the couple arrived together, but from the looks of their body language, it doesn’t seem that way.

Paparazzi continued to ask the pair if they were back together, but the two remained silent until they approached a black SUV. Chris asked Karreuche – who never made eye contact with him – “Is this your car?” but she remain silent. She did, however, at one point mumble something under her breathe, but it was inaudible, according to TMZ.

When she got in the car, her friends hurriedly got in the vehicle behind her so that there wouldn’t be any room for Chris. However, he forced his way in aggressively saying, “Move to the back before I make you move.”

Chris Brown’s ride ended shortly when he was dropped off with his friends, but the chaos didn’t end there though. Sources say he arrived at her home at 3:30 a.m. attempting to get inside, but she wouldn’t let him in. He stood outside her home yelling things like, “You know I paid for you to live here, right?”

“When Chris came to her house, she was flat out beside herself,” a source says. “She could not believe this man had the audacity to show up to her place like that, early in the morning and unannounced.”

When she wouldn’t open the door, he began yelling things about the 44-year-old Tyson Beckford like, “I bet if I was Tyson, you would open that door!”

She later opened the door and stated: “Chris, this is not cool. What are you doing?'”

However, the police were still called after the incident, but no arrests were made.

[Image courtesy of Noam Galai/Getty Images]