Romechia Simms: Woman Found Pushing Dead Son In Park Swing Attends Child’s Funeral, No Charges Filed

Mother Romechia Simms, 24, attended her 3-year-old son’s funeral on Friday after she was found pushing the dead child in a swing for hours on end. Romechia was hospitalized for four days following the incident and is said to suffer from mental health issues. The cause of death has not been determined, and 3-year-old Ji’Aire’s body had no signs of physical trauma. Therefore, no charges have been filed against mourning Simms as of yet.

The Washington Post reports that the mother was found pushing her deceased son, Ji’Aire, in a park after other patrons noticed she had been there an exceptionally long time. It is believed she may have been pushing the body for many hours, possibly even overnight. The little boy was laid to rest on Friday at the First Baptist Church of Highland Park in Landover, Maryland. The mother was seen crying as she sat next to the little boy’s father, James “Donnell” Lee.

Prior to the child’s death, Lee had attempted to get sole custody of the pair’s son as he felt that Romechia was not mentally stable enough to care for the child. He believed she needed to get help first. Lee pointed out that the mother had a psychotic break in which she jumped out of a moving taxi, and that she suffered from depression and bi-polar disorder. However, just 11 days before the child’s death, both Romechia and Lee agreed to a joint custody arrangement in which Lee would have the boy during the week and Romechia would have him only on weekends.

At the funeral, both Romechia and Lee sat next to one another in grieving and again were next to one another at the cemetery. After mourners sang “Come by here, my Lord” and participated in a joint prayer, the reverend asked for everyone to give the mother and father time alone with their son. At that point, everyone left and Lee and Romechia were left with their son’s tiny white casket.

The pair then left the funeral hand-in-hand and walked to a waiting hearse together. The pair had laid bunches of long-stemmed white roses on the casket, and Romechia Simms was seen clutching a tiny brown teddy bear as she exited the cemetery with Lee.

According to the Daily Mail, they are still searching for answers as to what killed the little boy. They say they are not giving up and will continue the search for answers. Simms was determined to have some sort of “psychotic break” at the time of Ji’Aire’s death and does not remember what happened leading up to the park. However, Romechia’s mother says her daughter would never intentionally hurt the child but noted that the boy had a fever the night before Simms was found pushing him in the swing. She also pointed out that temperatures dropped to 51 degrees the night the mother and son disappeared.

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