That Awkward Moment When The Bride Laughs As Her Groom Is Arrested

Alistair and Sara were leaving their wedding in the Isles of Scilly when several police officers arrived on the scene. There was then an awkward moment as the officers clapped a pair of handcuffs on the groom while the blushing bride laughed uproariously with joy.

Bear in mind that the name "Scilly" is actually pronounced like the word "silly" and while the stunt could be considered just that, it caused loads of laughs along with a very awkward moment for the wedding guests.

As the groom, Alistair, puts his head shamefully in his hands, he is arrested and led away by the police officers in handcuffs, moments after leaving his own wedding ceremony. Then, in an embarrassing and awkward moment, Sara, his blushing bride of just a few moments, laughs and grins from ear to ear, apparently happy to get rid of her brand new husband.

However, according to the Cornishman, what could be considered an awkward moment deluxe is not exactly what it appears to be. Some planning went into the whole stunt, along with the help of several police officers with a good sense of humor.

It seems that around six months ago, Alistair contacted the Isles of Scilly police asking them to do him a big favor. Sgt. Colin Taylor made a post on Facebook explaining the whole deal.
"Six months ago Alistair contacted us and asked if Isles of Scilly Police could come along to his wedding at Old Town Church.

"He and Sara were traveling with their entourage from Cheshire to the islands for the special event."

He went on to say that Alistair didn't specify exactly why he wanted the police to be there, or what role he wanted them to play, so they decided to "revert to type" and cause an awkward moment by arresting him on a "trumped up charge of Wasting Police Time" as he left the church.
"It will be the joy in his bride's face as he was led off in cuffs that will hurt him the most. He got life."
Taylor then asked for feedback from Facebook users on their "Zero Tolerance, no nonsense, approach."

According to the Mirror Online, the whole stunt was well received by most commenters on Facebook, with some obviously having a pretty good sense of humor themselves, especially one Rob Hoole.

"How big a donation to the Policeman's Ball would it take to lock up a wife for the odd spell, say during next year's Ryder Cup?

"I'm asking on behalf of a friend, you understand."

In the meantime, good fun was had by all, and no doubt relatives and friends got over the awkward moment and saw the humor in the whole situation.

Of interest to note, the Isles of Scilly police had built up quite the following on the social media for various quirky and unusual news stories. In fact, on Facebook alone, their page has more likes than the total number of residents on all the islands.

While this particular arrest was in jest, a while back the Inquisitr reported on a similar tale of a groom arrested just after saying "I do." In that equally awkward moment, the poor guy was arrested for some outstanding traffic citations and warrants, and the cops just had plain bad timing.

[Image: CC by 2.0 Jason Clapp]