Port Pirie Google Street View Streaker Has Charges Dropped, Admits She Would Do It All Again

The famous Aussie who streaked for Google’s Street View camera has had her charges dropped, according to the Border Mail in Australia. While Davis was recently charged by local police for disorderly conduct after she exposed her breasts for all the world to see, the charges were dropped thanks to a letter recently received giving her a slap on the wrist rather than a court appearance.

“At least it hasn’t gone to court. No fine, just a letter to say ‘don’t do it again!”

With the charges dropped, Karen is still keen to do it all again if the situation arose.

“I have no regrets. It is just a shame some people took it so badly because it was not my intention to offend anyone. I want to start a movement and do it in a big group. If we wear a mask they won’t know it’s us. Sunrise host Samantha Armytage said she would do it with me.”

No one would know it was Karen — except she has just told the world she would wear a mask next time she did it to avoid further charges. However, she does have a reason for wanting to risk more charges by flashing again. According to reports, one policeman referred to Karen exposing her breasts “were the same as someone flashing their genitals.” It was this comment that has spurred her on to do it all again even though she narrowly escaped charges the first time around.

Karen Davis has had her charges dropped for streaking in front of a Google Street View camera

Now, with the charges dropped, Davis is waiting for Playboy to get in touch with her according to the Port Pirie Recorder.

“I have always said I would do Playboy, but they haven’t contacted me.”


The Playboy magazine shoot came into consideration after Karen’s streak in front of the Google Street View camera went global. However, now with the charges dropped, if Playboy doesn’t eventuate, she is happy for the Port Pirie council to pay her — after all, she really did put them on the map!

Before her charges were dropped, Karen Davis’ actions were called into question after people complained on social media about her exposing her size K-cups. However, she has always defended her actions by saying it was something she had on her bucket list. She was so determined to cross the task off her list that she actively pursued the Google vehicle, not ever considering she would have charges laid against her for her actions. In the process, one of the images caught a young child in the background, causing people to then question her ability as a mother.

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[Image credit: Border Mail / Google Street View via PopSugar]