Google Street View Flasher Charged By Police With Disorderly Conduct

The Australian woman who flashed her k-cup breasts to Google Street View cameras has been charged by police with disorderly conduct for exposing herself for all to see.

Karen Davis from Port Pirie in South Australia reportedly chased after the Google camera, which was taking pictures of houses, in order to make sure she was seen standing outside her house, or near to it, with her breasts out.

As Superintendent Scott Denny of Port Pirie police told reporters:

“The woman’s actions were the same as someone flashing their genitals and the public expectation is that we take action. Recently in Port Pirie we arrested a man for exposing himself in public – this incident is no different. It is not appropriate for anyone to expose themselves in public places. Our community should be able to expect a bit of decency.”

The actions of Mrs Davis have been condemned as even more tasteless, as her sons were playing in the background and neighbors watched on while the Google van did its work.

Perhaps when one is as well endowed as Davis, they want to flaunt what they have; the woman said she plans to skydive topless for her 40th birthday.

As Davis said to reporters about the response to her flashing, ‘They are narrow-minded people who are not happy with their own bodies.”

When her antics went public, Davis posted on her Facebook page, “All the flat-tittie chicks think I am disgusting. Big-boob envy has hit Port Pirie.”

In explaining why she flashed for the camera, Davis explained that she has a friend in Britain and wanted to brighten up his day, “I have a friend in the UK. If he looks on there he will smile,” she said.

Australia’s most famous flasher also spoke about how having K-cup breasts affected her in life, “I always got picked on and it wasn’t until late in my 20’s that I became confident in myself,” she explained.

It remains to be seen what punishment Karen Davis will receive for flashing the Google Street View cameras as her case is pending trial.

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