The Goose Whisperer: Man Has Conversation With Goose In Hilarious Video

An unnamed man seems to be carrying on a full conversation with a Canadian goose in a hilarious video uploaded to YouTube. The video shows the man as he moves his head up and down in true goose fashion while making particularly accurate goose sounds. The goose on the receiving end of the conversation seems to understand the man and carries on with him for about a minute before parting ways with the “goose whisperer.”

A video titled, “Honky Talk Goose” was uploaded to YouTube that features a man in sunglasses “talking” to a Canadian goose. The goose is standing a few feet in front of the man as he begins to jut his neck back and forth in an attempt to imitate the goose’s behavior. He then begins making honking noises and “uh huh” sounds in a goose-like manner.

The goose seems receptive of his similar speech and continues to walk closer to the man. The pair exchange “honks” back and forth for 43 seconds before the goose finally parts way with the man. Reddit users immediately fell in the love with the video and note that this is how everyone should welcome back Canadian geese for the summer.

Though this man carried on a civil conversation with the goose, not everyone is happy to have geese around. In fact, Geese Police will roam the National Mall on “goose poop patrol.” They will use border collies to run the geese away so they are not a nuisance to tourists and to eliminate mess at the attraction.

[Image Credit: YouTube]

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