Tidal Petition Only Gets 14 Signatures: Should Rihanna And Kanye West Quit?

Last week, Jay-Z’s Tidal supporters put a petition together blaming the service’s failure on racism. The petition, aimed towards the DOJ, appeared on Change.org and made some bold accusations.

“Tidal is a service created by an African-American Jay-Z and supported by mostly African American artists. The white racist media made sure the service was a failure before giving it a chance to take off.”

The Tidal supporters who wrote the petition want the DOJ to investigate all the media outlets that bashed Tidal. It ends by claiming that if there is any wrongdoing found, the wrongdoers need to pay a price. Even though it’s been a full week and the Tidal petition has had a lot of exposure, only 14 people have dared to sign it. Ouch! It doesn’t help accusing critics of racism when TMZ revealed that most of the Tidal staff is white.

“Jay Z’s office photo at Tidal is kinda like playing Where’s Black Waldo? — and Jay Z is Waldo. The pic popped up on Beyonce’s website this week, and shows Jay and Bey mugging with a few dozen staffers at the HQ for the streaming service — and the ONLY black people in the pic are the owners.”

This week, however, Tidal might have received a tiny boost by making Lil Wayne a co-owner. Forbes broke the news and talked about a little surprise.

“As if his signing on as a partial owner of the (seemingly) artist-first platform wasn’t going to make enough of a splash, the rapper has premiered a new song exclusively on Tidal.”

“Glory” is the first single from the Lil Wayne’s upcoming album FWA (Free Weezy Album). However, Jay-Z may have made a mistake in making Lil Wayne a co-owner due to the fact his popularity has severely waned the past couple of years. If Lil Wayne was hoping for a comeback by launching a new song on Tidal, he should have seen what happened to Rihanna when she launched her “American Oxygen” video on the service — the song tanked and became the biggest flop of Rihanna’s career.

Jay-Z may still have some other superstar exclusives. It is rumored that Madonna will debut her new “B*tch I’m Madonna” video on Tidal. Since Madonna’s Rebel Heart album is considered dead in the water, debuting it on Tidal won’t help either Jay-Z or Madonna, but Jay-Z has more to lose. Kanye West is also expected to debut some new material on Tidal as well. Let’s hope that Jay-Z can fix his sinking ship before it completely destroys his career and reputation.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images]