Why Are Madonna And Taylor Swift Being Pitted Against Each Other?

Madonna and Taylor Swift admire each other’s work. The Christian Post quotes the all-time Queen of Pop talking about Swift, the Current Queen of Pop.

“I like Taylor Swift. I think she writes some really catchy pop songs. Can’t get them out of my head.”

“Thanks now I’m dead,” Swift wrote to her fans on Tumblr under the quote with the hashtags “#how am i supposed to deal with this” and “#BE COOL TAYLOR STOP BEING EMBARRASSING.”

So why are Swift and Madonna suddenly being pitted against each other? Well, it appears that Madonna is getting ready to release a star-studded video for her polarizing new single “B***h I’m Madonna,” which features several special guests. Some of those guests could be Nicki Minaj (she sings in the song), Diplo (he produced the song), Rita Ora (she was the only person who defended Madonna after the Drake kiss incident), or even Katy Perry (they’re friends).

Apparently, only Taylor Swift has a hold on videos with special guests. In other words, Taylor is young — so she is relevant, and having special guests makes her more creative. Madonna, who has committed the horrific sin of actually living to be 56-years-old, is irrelevant and desperate for doing the same thing other stars do. At least, that’s what the Internet will have you believe.

The Daily Mirror broke the story and, predictably, had a click bait headline: “Madonna could rival Taylor Swift after promising ‘special guests’ in her new video.” They even had a poll for readers to vote whether they would want to be in Madonna’s video or Taylor Swift’s. Perhaps it’s all in good fun, but the fans didn’t take it that way.

Billboard didn’t create the same click bait type article on the upcoming video, but fans commenting under the piece made sure they bashed Madonna and even compared her achievements to those of Taylor Swift.

“Must be mikk jagger, iggy pop, meat loaf,alice cooper as a guest singers in video. maybe dinasour denver can be, [sic]” said commenter “etin,” who was referring to the possible special guests.

“Taylor Swift has 70 Billboard hot 100 hits –> Madonna has 56 –> What makes Taylor so impressive is Taylor has 70 hot 100 hits in only 9 years in the music world were as Madonna has been in music 33+ years and Madonna’s latest single has failed to make the hot 100, [sic]” wrote commenter Jill Anderson, without understanding that had Billboard charted songs the same way they did in the 80s and 90s, Madonna would easily have triple the top 100 hits she has now.

The pitting of Madonna and Taylor Swift against each other was even obvious on Twitter.

Madonna’s video for “B***h I’m Madonna” should make its way to fans and haters everywhere by next week — the same time she announces dates for the Australian leg of her Rebel Heart Tour. Are you excited about Madonna’s new video? Let us know in the comments section.

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