Charlotte McKinney: Model Gets Nude On Instagram, Will She Get Naked In ‘Joe Dirt 2’?

Charlotte McKinney gave her fans a bit of a treat on Thursday night. The model shared a nude photo of herself on Instagram. Shockingly enough, it’s been weeks since Charlotte has shared a nude photo of herself.

The 21-year-old model wasn’t exposed in the photo, but it’s obvious that she had nothing on. McKinney looked back at over her shoulder as she gave a sexy expression. Many of McKinney’s fans remarked on how she good looked in her new photo.


As previously reported via the Inquisitr, this isn’t the first time that Charlotte McKinney has showed off some major skin on the popular photo-sharing app. The model, who’s often compared to Kate Upton, shared some topless photos of herself on Instagram two months ago. McKinney stripped down in a series of black-and-white photos for Neave Bozorgi, which was also shared on his Instagram account.

Charlotte McKinney’s scintillating nude photos also appeared in the new issue of The Hundreds. Some noted that McKinney’s nude photos were a smart idea since she was booted from Dancing with the Stars. Posing nude or topless is a great way to create headlines, as seen with this recent report.

But will Charlotte McKinney get naked in Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser? Sony is releasing a sequel to the 2001 follow-up of the original Joe Dirt movie. Unfortunately, for fans, Beautiful Loser will only be released online via Sony’s Crackle on July 16.

David Spade is back rocking his trademark mullet for the comedy. The character will find himself transported into the past during a storm. Charlotte McKinney will play the bombshell named Missy. I4U News noted that McKinney’s scenes are the only ones worth watching in this silly movie. Another unfortunate thing is that McKinney only has a small part in Joe Dirt 2. It doesn’t look like she’s getting naked in this film, as she’s seen wearing white overall shorts, a red flannel shirt and a black lacy bra underneath. It looks like McKinney is dressing like a sexy lumberjack in the film.


When Charlotte McKinney isn’t getting nude for photo shoots, she’s often seen partying with her boyfriend Stephen Dorff. The rumored new couple were spotted nightclubbing in Paris, France, over the weekend. The 41-year-old actor couldn’t keep his hands off of the blonde beauty.

Stephen was dressed casually in a white T-shirt and black jeans. Charlotte dressed to the nines in a black halter-style mini dress that showcased her long legs. She also had her signature blonde hair styled in sexy loose waves. Stephen and Charlotte looked happy and in love, although it could have been the cocktails and neon lights that kept the vibe going.

Stephen Dorff cosies up to Charlotte McKinney at L’Arc nigh… |

— Celebs Street (@CelebsSt) June 5, 2015

Charlotte McKinney rose to fame for appearing nude in a Carl’s Jr. commercial earlier this year. She was also eliminated from Week 3 of Dancing with the Stars. It looks like Charlotte is sticking to what she does best: posing in the buff.

[Image: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]