Crop Circle Appears Overnight Two Years After One Was Discovered Under The Same Mysterious Circumstance [Video]

Residents of Gray, Tennessee, are left bewildered after a crop circle appeared overnight in a field just two years after another one was discovered in the same exact area.

Some folks are wondering if the strange occurrence is man-made or of alien origin. Others are simply left stupefied by the alien formation.

Timothy Blumberg, who lives across the street from where the incident took place, said he discovered the crop circle when he stepped out to get his morning mail.

The tall grass in the hayfield was pushed down in what appeared to be a symbol of three large interconnected circles with a dot in the center of all three rings.

Crop Circle appears in Gray, Tennessee

According to Blumberg, he had not heard or seen anything unusual the night before. The only noise he remembered hearing was from his dog, who was barking at some point during the night.

"I couldn't explain it," said local resident Tommy Carty. "If it was something out if the ordinary, if the wind had done something out of the ordinary or peculiar, or if it was a sign from Heaven."

Despite his confusion on the appearance of the symbol, Carty is, however, sure about one thing.

"If little green men are coming this way, I'm not ready for them, I'm ready for the good lord to come after me," he said.

And while the crop circle may seem mystifying to most, there's always at least one highly logical person who would not allow himself to fall prey to the oddities of the world.

"I will allow some room for the unknown, but by and large, it is most likely it is someone, somewhere, just having a good laugh," another neighbor affirmed.

Interestingly, no one had been able to identify any track marks – whether human, machine, or otherwise – anywhere near the strange symbol.

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Do you agree that this was just an elaborate prank for fun and giggles? Do you think it's one of many signs of extraterrestrial contact?

[Image: John Myers/Timothy Blumberg]