Beer Pong Murder In Texas: Lacie LaRose Dies At Graduation Party In 'Random' Shooting Over Game Rules?

Bradley Ryder

Police in College Station, Texas, believe an argument over beer pong game rules led to the murder of a co-ed. Investigators say Lacie LaRose died in a hail of gunfire at a graduation party last month. The Blinn College student was not the intended target of the shooting. The suspect is in custody, and new information has emerged.

On the night of May 2, Ronald McNeil, 39, and at least two friends "crashed" a party in the 900 block of San Benito Drive. The event was hosted by Texas A&M student, Landon Duke, who was celebrating ahead of his May 17 ceremony, according to a New York Daily News report.

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"It was a little strange that they [suspected shooter and two friends] were at the party but they were really nice, at first, congratulating me on graduating."

An hour later, the party began to wind down; there were no more than two dozen people remaining at the time. Duke told police one of McNeil's friends got into a verbal altercation with one of his friends over the rules of beer pong. A few punches were thrown, but the party-crashers soon backed away and were escorted out of the home. Before leaving, McNeil allegedly vowed to return with his gun.

LaRose and Duke joined the others in the backyard in preparation for a game of beer pong. A short time later, shots were fired, some of which struck LaRose. Other rounds and shrapnel hit two others. When the gunfire ended, the woman was dead, murdered by the shooter, who Duke claims he didn't see in the chaos.

Witness testimonies vary to some degree. McNeil's account suggests they came under attack by some at the party demanding that they leave. He also claims many racial slurs were used towards them.

McNeil was actually apprehended by an officer near the home at the time of the woman's murder. After an investigation at the scene, he was arrested and charged in the shooting of the bystander. A Glock handgun was recovered.

Beer pong is a drinking game often played in co-ed settings among college and university students. Urban dictionary defines the popular pastime.

"A drinking game in which players attempt to throw ping pong balls across a table into an opponent's half-filled cups of beer. Players are required to drink the beer from any of their cups into which the opponent throws a ball. The first player to hit all their opponent's cups wins. The loser is required to drink whatever beer is left on the table (in opponent's cups)."

Over 100 witnesses spoke with police about the suspected shooter. David Jarmichael Daniels, 22, was arrested and is facing several counts of attempted murder. It's unknown what precipitated the shooting.

On the Texas murder investigation, McNeil, a convicted felon, was held at Brazos County Jail for the beer pong incident. His bail is set at $500,000. Police are still investigating the woman's death.

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