Who Murdered Brianna Armstrong?

The search for missing Virginia woman Brianna Armstrong is over, with the recent discovery of human remains. WAVY News 10 reports that the remains have been positively identified as the woman, who vanished nearly a month ago under suspicious circumstances. Now authorities are calling her death a homicide, which was already a suspicion expressed during the search for her. So who is responsible for this woman’s death?

The last contact anyone had with Brianna was via text message around May 8. ABC News 13 reports that the text was to confirm an appointment at her place of employment — a massage parlor called Knuckles and Knots. She was reported missing a full day later by her husband. She also never made it to her appointment that she had texted confirmation. Over the course of the past month, very little clues have been publicized in her case — aside from the fact that her car was found abandoned about a week after she vanished. Her keys and wallet containing money were found inside the vehicle, along with her shoes.

Brianna Armstrong’s remains were found around the 4000 block of Douglas Road in Chesapeake, around the Dismal Swamp. Various media persons have confirmed that a “concerned citizen” happened upon the remains of the once-missing woman, and called the police at around 11:00 a.m., on May 31. Her case has since been upgraded from a missing case to a homicide, meaning her death did not come about by an apparent accident or natural causes. However, her actual cause of death is not known yet — or at least it isn’t being revealed to the media and public yet while authorities continue to investigate.

This case is another one that has gripped social media, producing a heap of speculation, along with suspicion against various people in Brianna’s life. Nonetheless, the confirmed factual details surrounding Brianna Armstrong’s disappearance aren’t entirely known. The concrete facts are that Brianna vanished around May 8 and now her body has been identified in a homicide case. Now it’s up to authorities in Virginia to get to the bottom of what happened to her — in particular, how her body ended up near Dismal Swamp.

[Photo: Amy Spurgeon via News 13]