Hound App: New Search App Goes Viral With Amazing Demo, Find Out How To Download It

The Hound search app has been in development for the past nine years, but it took only hours for the new alternative to Siri and Google Now to go viral, thanks to an incredible and almost hard-to-believe demo uploaded to YouTube this week.

The app is created by Keyvan Mohajer, the CEO of SoundHound. Many people are already familiar with SoundHound, the music recognition app that can recognize songs even if you’re just humming the tune.

Now, hundreds of thousands more are learning about the new app, Hound, which sounds something like Siri on speed. In the two-minute demo uploaded to YouTube this week, Mohajer asks some long and multi-part questions, which the app answers nearly instantly.

“What is the population and capital for Japan and China and their area in square miles and square kilometers and also tell me how many people live in India and what is the area code for Germany, France, and Italy?” he asks.

The Hound app then spits out a reply immediately, along with detailed answers listing all the information.

Keyvan Mohajer gave a more personal demo of the Hound app to Recode tech reviewer Liz Gannes (whose complete write-up can be found here).

“Show me hotels in Seattle for Friday, staying one night,” SoundHound CEO Keyvan Mohajer orders the Hound app on his Android phone. I was leaving for Seattle the day after our meeting, so Mohajer is using my trip as an impromptu scenario to show me how his voice search is smarter than Siri and Google Now. In a few seconds, 10 results appear on a map.”

Gannes goes on to explain that Hound is able to sort and display information in a much more organized fashion than Siri or Google Now.

“Then Mohajer ups the stakes by changing the original parameters. ‘What if I check in on Thursday, and stay for two nights?’ Without the usual annoyance of a back button resetting the page, we see results for the same complicated search on different dates. Siri and Google Now definitely don’t do this (I tried; they both gave me unsorted lists of hotels in Seattle).”

But those impressed with the new Hound app may be disappointed when they go to look for it. Right now, it’s available exclusively on Android as an invite-only app, though an iOS version is in the works. Invites can be requested here.

[Image via Hound Facebook page]

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