Chevy Chase Flips Out On ‘Community’ Creator Dan Harmon, Phone Conversation Goes Viral

NBC’s ultra-strange comedy Community has its share of fans but show star Chevy Chase might not be one of them. A phone message surfaced this week in which Chase freaks out on Community creator, executive producer and showrunner Dan Harmon.

Revealed on Reddit the message comes after Chevy Chase walked off the set of the show on the last day of shooting last month. That scene was meant to close out the shows season.

At the wrap party following Chevy Chase’s walkout Dan Harmon allegedly got up and gave a bi “Fuck you, Chevy” speech in front of Chase and comedy legends wife and daughter.

After Harmon’s attack Chase immediately left the wrap party and then left a profane sprinkled voice mail in which he says:

“I don’t get talked to like that by anyone … Certainly not in front of my wife and daughter you goddamn a******.”

This isn’t the first time Chevy Chase has gotten in an argument with Community workers, he has also attacked show directors Anthony and Joe Russo.

At this time it’s not clear if Chevy Chase will continue to work on Community which was recently rumored to be renewed for a new season after going on a short hiatus.

There’s no doubt that Chevy Chase has brought recognition to the show just by being there but Joel McHale has firmly cemented his place as the shows star and the series’ other actors have become fan favorites as it continues to be one of the most inventive shows on TV.

You can hear the full audio HERE (Warning, the language is foul).