Dogs’ Death Sentence: Family Raises Thousands Of Dollars To Save Jake And Lucy From Death Sentence

Caitlin McAdam from Colorado Springs, Colorado did the best she could to fight a death sentence given to her two dogs, Jake and Lucy.

Jake, a pit bull, and Lucy, a black Labrador were taken by animal control in February as they were blamed in the death of a neighbor’s cat, and both are facing a death sentence. Now, Caitlin has spent more than $10,000 in the legal battle faced by her two beloved dogs.

In a statement given by Caitlin on the fund-raising website Give Forward, she stated that her dogs were not responsible for the killing of her neighbor’s cat. Animal Law Enforcement came to her home, seizing Jake and Lucy and telling her that her dogs had been accused of killing a cat a few blocks from her home. Caitlin went on to explain why she believes her dogs could not be the culprits.

“Jake and Lucy were with him [her husband] until at least 12 AM, the incident was said to take place around 1130 PM. I am fighting to get them back and prove their innocence, but they have to be boarded at the Humane Society or a licensed Kennel until they are acquitted.”

Jake and Lucy were taken to Woodman Kennels, a private kennel, as Caitlin didn’t want her accused dogs staying “in the same place that wanted to kill them.”

Caitlin was told that the dogs would be euthanized if they were found guilty of the crime. Moreover, they could be killed sooner if she does not have the capacity to pay for the impoundment fees while Jake and Lucy wait for their schedule in court.

Just like other criminal offenses, Caitlin was set to be due in court for a trial where she, being slapped with dangerous dog charges, would have to plead her case to six jurors. McAdam’s lawyer has already gathered witnesses to be called to the stand. An autopsy of the cat, which was kept frozen, has also been done.

According to CNN Money, Jake and Lucy’s death sentence problem has already cost Caitlin and her family thousands of dollars. Her legal bills are said to be about $6,000, the cat autopsy cost $1,000, and the boarding has amounted to $2,500. The amount would be quite large even if Caitlin’s lawyer worked on the case pro bono.

Caitlin and her family resorted to using a tax refund, setting up a fundraising campaign, and selling their old car to cover all their expenses for Jake and Lucy. Caitlin asked for donations to avoid the death sentence for her dogs while waiting for their trial, which was scheduled on April 20.

“My dogs have never harmed any other human or animal, I am asking for help just to maintain custody of them while I try to prove their innocence.”

After months of battling for Jake and Lucy, it seems that Caitlin may narrowly avoid the death sentence through a plea deal, which can clear her of the dangerous dog charges and finally free Jake and Lucy from the death sentence. The deal will be finalized this Friday. In the end, Caitlin is relieved that she fought hard for her dogs.

“If we had not fought this long… our dogs would have been murdered for no reason other than not having the funds to keep fighting. That’s not right.”

[Image via Jake and Lucy Facebook Page]