Disney Cancels 'Tron 3': Actress Olivia Wilde Confirms The News

It's official. Disney really did pull the plug on Tron 3. Actress Olivia Wilde confirms that Tron 3 is definitely not happening.

The actress, who played Quorra in the films, confirmed the news on her personal Twitter that the film isn't happening. Wilde put some of her signature humor into the tweet to make fans feel better after mourning the end of the franchise.

Fans reacted to the tweet made by Olivia Wilde:So why did Disney cancel Tron 3? Well, according to IndieWire, Disney decided to pull the plug after they weren't thrilled with the numbers of their other film Tomorrowland. The company lost a lot of money as the film took a whopping $250 million to make, but only hit the $75 million mark at the box office. This dropped after the colossal failure of The Lone Ranger, and it sounds like Disney can't afford another flop.

If they can't market a film with Hollywood star George Clooney, it's unlikely that they won't have a difficult time with Tron 3, or at least this is what everyone is assuming the heads at Disney were thinking when they decided not to make the final Tron film.

According to IndieWire, "Preparation had started regardless, the studio was eyeing a fall release date, and the filmmakers hoped to bag Jared Leto for a role. But it's all moot now as Tron 3 has been canceled by the studio."

According to Entertainment Weekly, Tron 3 was never official even though it was announced that Disney was interested in another film and that actors were approached for a third film. Director Joseph Kosinski was even asked to return to the third film as director, with the shooting location set for Vancouver.

Were you looking forward to a Tron 3?

[Image via Disney]