Eli Roth’s ‘Green Inferno’ Will Finally See An Official Release — Was Eight Years Too Long To Wait? [Video]

The Green Inferno will finally see a release via the Blumhouse Productions label BH Tilt, Universal Pictures, and High Top Releasing, and fans will be able to watch the film on September 25, only two years after The Green Inferno was finished. Had the film been released upon its completion, The Green Inferno would have been Eli Roth’s first directorial effort in eight years, but the delay has afforded fans of Mr. Roth the time to experience the filmmaker’s directorial talents in the Netflix original series Hemlock Grove and the feature film Knock Knock, starring Keanu Reeves.

Long awaited by horror fans, The Green Inferno would have seen a release on September 5, 2014, but conflicts over promotion and advertising created delays until the release of The Green Inferno was scrapped altogether. The upcoming BH Tilt release of The Green Inferno will have the film debuting on 1,000 screens, giving BH Tilt its first big screen release.

According to Entertainment Weekly, “The Green Inferno follows a group of young, American activists, who travel to the Amazon in search of remote tribes. After a plane crash, they eventually do find the natives, who are a bit more blood-thirsty than imagined.”


The Green Inferno is a wild, fun ride that took us deeper into the Amazon than anyone has ever taken a film crew,” Mr.Roth said in a statement. “BH Tilt is a forward thinking label that is helping to redefine how genre movies can be released. I want to express my deep gratitude to the fans for their incredible support of this movie and to everyone at Blumhouse and Universal for making sure fans can experience the film in theaters across the country.”

The Green Inferno saw a limited release in 2013, shortly after production wrapped up, when it was debuted to audiences at the Toronto International Film Festival. Since that showing, The Green Inferno has been plagued with distribution issues, but it seems Eli Roth has found what his film needs in the relatively new BH Tilt, a company specializing in distribution for genre films across multiple platforms.

“When we launched BH Tilt we said our goal was to be part of the continuing evolution of distribution, whether it is through changing marketing strategies, changing revenue sources or changing windows,” said Jason Blum of BH Tilt. “We are excited to capitalize on new developments in distribution and marketing to bring Eli’s movie to horror lovers across the country.”

Plans for the promotion of The Green Inferno will be geared toward the digital audience, resembling advertising campaigns used to spread the word about It Follows.

[Featured image courtesy of Universal Pictures/The Green Inferno]

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