WWE News: Two Matches Announced For ‘Money In The Bank’ — John Cena Getting Rematch With Kevin Owens

WWE hadn’t even finished Elimination Chamber, but they were already promoting their next big event happening in two weeks. During the Pay-Per-View tonight, two big matches were announced for Money In The Bank, and that includes the participants in the briefcase ladder match. The other big contest is a rematch from tonight, and it will have John Cena taking on NXT Champion Kevin Owens once again.

First of all, the six participants in the Money In The Bank ladder match were announced, and it’s going to be a crazy one.

Throwing Neville and Kofi Kingston in there just means that there are going to be some huge high-flying spots. If Neville ends up hitting a Red Arrow on someone off the top of a ladder, you can just expect the crowd to collectively lose their minds.

Having Sheamus and Roman Reigns in there adds for some big power moves to happen throughout. Dolph Ziggler and a returning Randy Orton even out the pack, and it’s looking like it could be a really good match that is up for grabs.

The winner of the match will get a briefcase which holds a contract for a future shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Title. They can use it any time they wish within a year, and it’s proven to be quite successful for others in the past.

One other match was announced for Money In The Bank, and it’s a rematch from Elimination Chamber which will see John Cena take on Kevin Owens again.

For those that watch the PPV tonight, you saw the pure talent of Kevin Owens and how he is more than ready for a spot on WWE’s main roster. Not only did he hold his own with a 15-time world champion, but he brought out the best in John Cena too.

cena owens money in the bank

There may be a stipulation of some sort put onto their second match, but it’s not like it will be needed. Kevin Owens beat John Cena clean in the middle of the ring, and is on his way to being a huge star.

Money In The Bank will take place in two weeks, live from Columbus, Ohio, and it will air on the WWE Network. Some believe it’s very possible that Brock Lesnar could show up before or at the event, but those are just rumors for now. Either way, a big ladder match and Cena vs. Owens II is on tap, and that makes for a great event.

[Images via WWE]