WWE Rumors: Two Big Stars Returning This Week And WWE Interested In Two Former TNA World Champs

Elimination Chamber is happening tonight, and there will be a lot of big things happening. Still, that doesn’t mean that WWE isn’t looking ahead to the future and what will or may happen. This week will mark the return of two big-time stars to WWE television, and rumor has it that WWE is also interested in two former TNA World Champions.

For a while now, the Big Show has been absent from WWE television, but he’s been slowly making his return to the ring. It’s no surprise that he gets some time off every now and then as he’s a longtime veteran and needs the rest.

Lately, Big Show has started appearing at WWE Live house shows in steel cage matches against Roman Reigns. WrestleZone has reported that Big Show will indeed be back on TV following the Elimination Chamber event tonight.

That same report also says that Randy Orton is returning to WWE TV this week too. He’s been off TV since losing in the main event at Payback two weeks ago. Knowing that he didn’t have a match at Elimination Chamber, WWE just kept him out of sight as there was nothing for him to really do.

While it’s good that these two big stars are returning, they aren’t getting any younger, and WWE is also always looking for new faces. Two former TNA World Champions are said to be on WWE’s radar, and could make for some interesting times.

CageSide Seats is reporting that even though WWE was never interested in AJ Styles before, they have since changed their mind. Styles is currently the IWGP Champion in new Japan Pro Wrestling, and he seems happy there, but there is interest from WWE.

In 2016, NXT is going to be joining both RAW and SmackDown on the touring circuit, and WWE is looking to stockpile big talent. Bringing in AJ Styles would not only do that, but automatically bring about attention with a huge name.

Now, the Destination America acquisition of Ring of Honor has bothered a number of people within TNA, especially the talent, who say they were blindsided. One of those happens to be Austin Aries, who shredded reports about TNA and Destination America on Twitter.

“No matter who’s wrestling companies you root for or hate on, remember the human element. We’re all people working to provide, just like you. If you need to spread negativity or wish the worst, step back and ask yourself why and what good it brings you … The world’s a sphere for a reason … what’s put out there, it all comes around.

I would extend those comments to the journalists who provide for theirs by reporting on what I do … Just because you have the ‘scoop’ doesn’t make you a #GR8 reporter. Knowing when it IS and ISN’T responsible to share that scoop does.”

A source has told Inquisitr that WWE does have some slight interest in Aries, and that his contract with TNA is reportedly expiring soon, possibly at the end of June. WWE bringing him in would be another big name, and a popular one.

Right now, WWE is about to put on Elimination Chamber and just had the debut of Samoa Joe while also anticipating the return of Brock Lesnar. The returns of Randy Orton and Big Show, with possible signings of AJ Styles and Austin Aries, make it all a great time to be a wrestling fan.

[Image via Untiedmag / TNA]