‘Jurassic World’ Gets Hilarious Makeover — Possibly Even Better [Videos]

Jurassic World is set to release soon. With all the anticipation building, it has already received a revamp…and it is a hilarious one, at that. Watch and laugh.

Of course, in the actual movie, all dinosaurs are supposed to be female. It’s been the same premise since Jurassic Park, but as you’ve seen, “life finds a way.”

While Chris Pratt is supposed to be the “alpha male,” it appears that the raptors have a different plan for him. And though he tries to negotiate strenuously, the raptor training doesn’t turn out as he thought.

'Jurassic World' Gets Hilarious Makeover — Possibly Even Better III
Credits: YouTube

Jurassic World Remake — ‘For Better Or Worse’?

In this remake, the main point was, “I think we should eat him.” Ironically, that will be the main concept in the movie that’s set to release on June 12, 2015. Like the rest of the live-action movies, people are set to run around, scream, and make foolish mistakes on top of stupid mistakes.

'Jurassic World' Gets Hilarious Makeover — Possibly Even Better IV
Credits: YouTube

However, it doesn’t mean that Jurassic World will flop. Though viewers knew what to expect in the trilogy, the cinematics were still intensely watched and enjoyed.

Nevertheless, while this parody was entertaining, the same company — HISHE — created one for Jurassic Park in 2011. From the looks of it, it’s even more hilarious than the most recent video.

'Jurassic World' Gets Hilarious Makeover — Possibly Even Better
Credits: YouTube

For this writer, the most hilarious part was when the raptor sends the email. It wasn’t the act of sending it, but it was more so the email content. However, there are no spoilers here. Watch for yourself.

What are your thoughts on the Jurassic parodies? Were they as hilarious as depicted? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.