Nazis’ Social Security Benefits Scandal Compared To Illegal Immigrants By Critics

When word of the Nazis social security benefits scandal came out, some critics on social media compared the situation to illegal immigrants’ social security benefits. But are the two situations really comparable?

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a watchdog group claims the Nazis’ social security benefits scandal included 133 SS guards, war criminals, and other individuals who were involved in the horrific crimes committed by Nazi Germany. All in all, these Nazis received a combined total of $20.2 million in social security benefits.

Worse, the report by the Associated Press found that the Justice Department used a legal loophole to persuade Nazi suspects to leave the United States voluntarily in exchange for keeping their Social Security benefits. Assuming the Nazis agreed to the deal, or fled America before their forced deportation, they could keep all this money.

The Justice Department denied these reports, but Congress passed the No Social Security for Nazis Act shortly after the AP published their report in order to prevent the Nazis’ social security benefits from continuing.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney, a New York Democrat, requested the inspector general investigate the full scope of the Nazis’ social security benefits.

“This report is another reminder that we must never forget the atrocities committed by the Nazis,” Maloney said.

“According to this report, 133 alleged and confirmed Nazis actively worked to conceal their true identities from our government and received millions of dollars in Social Security payments…. We must continue working to remember the tragedy of the Holocaust and hold those responsible accountable. One way to do that is by providing as much information to the public as possible. This report hopefully provides some clarity.”

Writers at IVN pointed out that the investigation came seven decades too late since only four living Nazi beneficiaries continued to live inside the United States at the time of the report in 2014.

“There are dozens of bills awaiting consideration in the House and hundreds of bills waiting in the Senate…. Yet, members of Congress felt there was time to pass a bill that is, quite frankly, trivial at this point!”

Perhaps, just as controversial is the possibility of illegal immigrants’ social security benefits. Reports claim that the Obama administration “had issued approximately 541,000 original SSNs to individuals authorized to work under the 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy since its inception.” If any immigration reform bill were to grant amnesty and all illegal immigrants were assigned social security numbers, then critics claim this would be a disaster for the social security program.

“Over the past few decades, we’ve built up a welfare state so gigantic, and so aggressive about recruiting new dependents, that plenty of native-born citizens with fairly decent jobs are now collecting benefits,” wrote Breitbart. “Even if a staggering percentage of the amnestied population immediately found entry-level work… they’d still be a net drain on taxpayers.”

It’s claimed that illegal immigrants’ social security benefits could be collected as early as 2017, but the Daily Beast claims illegal aliens have been helping prevent social security from running out of money for decades.

“Contrary to the myth advanced by opponents of reform that illegal immigrants don’t contribute their fair share in taxes, and drain government benefits, the reality is that undocumented workers are helping to keep the social security trust fund in the black. They do this because they are paying into the system typically with false social security numbers, which means they will never collect benefits. Their money, often collected for many years, helps keep the system afloat and benefits flowing to aging baby boomers.”

Both sides claim the numbers favor their side, with the Heritage Foundation estimating that giving “federal benefits to nearly 4 million illegal aliens in the United States will end up costing American taxpayers about $1.3 trillion in Social Security and Medicare benefits.” At the same time, Vice reports that the “SSA estimates that unauthorized workers have paid a whopping $100 billion into the fund over the past decade” in addition to “paying an estimated $13 billion a year in social security taxes and only getting around $1 billion back.”

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