Mama June Shannon's Family Reportedly Questions Sincerity Of Her Latest Social Media Outreach

Reality television star "Mama June" Shannon shared a post on social media this week that appears to be an olive branch of sorts, signaling a desire to smooth things over with her estranged family members. However, a new report suggests that June's family is somewhat skeptical about her intentions with this post.

June's recent Instagram post, her first in months, indicated that she is not in touch with her daughters. However, the From Not to Hot star said, she is hoping that will situation change and she suggested that she's in a place as she tries to get her life back on track.

While Mama June's post garnered a lot of likes and comments from fans, it doesn't appear that any of her daughters posted public comments. According to TMZ, there might be a reason for that.

An insider told the outlet that Mama June's family suspects this new Instagram post is more about setting up a renewed source of income than about repairing her relationship with her family. Apparently, her kin believe that June is aiming to start making money via advertisements and promotions like many social media influencers do these days.

The idea that Mama June is feeling pretty desperate for cash will not shock many people. Numerous reports over the past year or so have signaled that the reality television star and her boyfriend, Geno Doak, are navigating tough times. She sold all her belongings, including her home, as the two face legal charges after recently said to have trashed a hotel room.

While Mama June posted these positive sentiments, insiders claim that she has only recently reached out to her extended family one time. It seems that someone in the family suffered a heart attack and she did check on that person. However, she apparently pulled away again when her daughters pushed for information on where she is and how she is doing.

For months, sources have said that the family stance is that they want June to get help and they believe that she needs to break away from Geno to make things work. In the meantime, they are said to live in fear that she may not make it through this tough period in her life.

So far, June's kids have not commented via social media about their mom's Instagram post. Alana, June's teen daughter who first appeared on Toddlers & Tiaras and then was at the center of the family's show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, recently noted via her Instagram page that things aren't easy.

The post Alana updated was shared earlier this month and showed a smiling teen. She is said to be doing well, living with her older sister Lauryn, or "Pumpkin" as fans know her.

Is Mama June legitimately hoping to straighten out her life and reconnect with her loved ones, or is this all a ploy to lure in fans and make money? Fans will certainly be curious to see how she proceeds as many seem to be rooting for her to turn things around.