‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers June 1: Rose Ceremony Shake-Up Creates Drama In The Mansion

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe and her remaining 16 guys remain in Los Angeles on the episode that airs June 1, and a rose ceremony shake-up will spark a bit of drama in the mansion. In the third week of the season, Kaitlyn gives out roses on two group dates and a one-on-one, leaving three guys safe from elimination.

That leaves 13 rose-less men scrambling to get time with Kaitlyn so they can travel to New York City for Episode 4 (June 8). However, two of the 13 guys won’t even make it to the rose ceremony on Monday night, so if they had high hopes of going to the Big Apple (and meeting Nick Viall), they will have to wait until the season finale after-party.

According to Reality Steve, six guys go on the first group date, where they will learn sumo wrestling. JJ, Shawn B., Chris, Clint, Joe, and Tony have to put on what looks like a giant diaper for the wrestling match, but Tony “the healer” decides it’s not his cup of tea.

He reportedly leaves, telling Kaitlyn he’s not a good fit for the show. There are rumors Tony may end up on Bachelor in Paradise this summer, where he would be a great match for Ashley Salter from Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelorette. Shawn Booth, who rocks the sumo-diaper, gets the group date rose.

Six guys go on the second group date of the week. Ryan B., Joshua, Ben H., Jonathan, Tanner, and Jared head to a school to talk to kids about sex. The date would be much more interesting if Nick Viall was on it — he knows all about making love from Andi’s season, and he is rumored to be one of the guys who has sex with Kaitlyn before hometown dates. Ben H. scores the group date rose on the sex-ed date.

Kaitlyn’s one-on-one date is with hunky fitness trainer Ben Zorn, who received a rose on last week’s group date. Reality Steve reports that they go on a Fear Factor-themed date in an abandoned warehouse and all goes well — Ben snags himself another rose.

Three guys are dateless this week — Corey Stansell, Justin Reich, and Ian Thomson have to hang out at the mansion while the other guys spend time with Kaitlyn.

Clint Arlis, who went on last week’s one-on-one date and this week’s sumo wrestling date, loses out on a rose, and it doesn’t happen at the rose ceremony. At the cocktail party, Clint reportedly gets a cocky attitude with the guys, and Kaitlyn wants nothing to do with him — she sends him home.

“At the cocktail party, Clint started acting like a horses ass and was becoming too cocky for everyone there, and Kaitlyn sends him home.”

Kaitlyn has two guys gone before the rose ceremony is scheduled to begin, so there is no need for Kaitlyn to hand out any roses. There are 14 guys left — three of them with date-generated roses — so she cancels the rose ceremony. Kaitlyn and her remaining guys head to New York City for Episode 4 (June 8), where more drama is about to begin with the addition of Nick Viall to the cast.

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