How Does Your Sexual History Compare To Others? This Calculator Will Tell You

Have you ever wondered where you fare in the sexual partners department? Well, luckily there’s now a calculator just for you. While a recent survey found people having more sex were, on average, more unhappy, this calculator aims to find out about how many partners people have had. Slate’s sexual partners calculator will take your details and compare you with others of your generation. There are three questions the calculator needs, gender, age, and how many sexual partners you’ve had. The calculator’s result is an indicator of your sexual history matched against peers of your age group.

Slate’s sexual calculator was developed in response to a Washington Post article and a study posted in the Archives of Sexual Behavior indicating that the current generation are having fewer sexual partners than their parents. According to Jean Twenge, a psychology professor at San Diego State University, Baby Boomers averaged 11 sexual partners, while Generation Xer’s have, on average, 10 sexual partners. The figure goes down again if you are a Millennial child, averaging eight sexual partners.

Although these three groups are more prolific sexually than people born at the turn of the twentieth century, with people born between 1901 and 1924 averaging only three sexual partners in their adult life. Twenge’s calculations are the result of surveying more than 33,000 people.

Slate’s calculator relies entirely on honesty — and even has a calculator option for people to select called “I lied. Let me do it again.” However, even with this disclaimer it seems, according to the calculator, men have more sexual partners than women. The sexual calculator is modeled on the same data used for Twenge’s study.

The calculator takes approximately 13,000 survey results between 2006 and 2014. While delving through the survey results for their calculator, Slade found some interesting data. Considering the sexual calculator will tell you how you fare against your peers, the calculator doesn’t necessarily imply you are a freak if you have had many sexual partners.

“We noticed a few patterns. First, men generally report more partners than women. Second, these graphs have long right-hand tails, which means a few people in every age group, both male and female, have sex with lots and lots of people. While glancing at the raw numbers, we noticed one man had purportedly slept with 1,000 people.”

A few other things to note before using the sexual partner calculator is that Slate’s results will be calculated on sexual partners, not whether you slept with males or females, or a combination. They also noted that there may have been a tendency to round up or down numbers when remembering one’s sexual partners for the calculator. A large proportion of the calculator’s data have far more 10 or 20 partners listed compared to how many had nine or 19.

Another consideration before using the calculator is the fact the calculator requests how many sexual partners you had since the age of 18, indicating the calculator numbers may be higher if the question was “how many sexual partners you have had in your lifetime.”

So how do you stack up in the sexual stakes? You can click here to use the sexual partner calculator and find out how you compare to your peers.

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