Stabbed Over Last Rib: Dispute At Barbeque Cookout Turns Violent Over Food Hoarder

stabbed over last rib

Food fights are common at parties, schools, you name it. But when a person is stabbed over the last rib, it takes on the sauce of a different flavor. In Muncie, Indiana, Sabrina A. Davis was arrested over the Memorial Day weekend for allegedly stabbing another woman in the eye over a dispute. The victim claims Davis was hoarding food and took the last barbeque rib, then turned violent over the beef confrontation. However, the suspect in the assault claims she acted in self-defense, citing a Huffington Post news report.

Police say Davis was a guest at a home on Sunday when the daughter of the woman hosting the cookout noticed her taking more than her share of ribs. It’s unknown what exchange of words took place, but during the discussion about Davis taking the last rib, an altercation took place and the suspect stabbed her friend. Apparently, a large metal three-pronged fork used to extract meat from the pan was used in the attack.

One neighbor, who asked not to be identified, said she normally doesn’t read the daily newspaper. However, after hearing about the stabbing over the last rib at the backyard barbeque, she went out of her way to read the details of the arrest.

“I just can’t imagine that anything like that would happen, you know? I was just so ridiculous. Barbeque is good and all that, but it’s not worth stabbing somebody in the eye with a fork, you know?”

One witnesses said the stabbing victim became “frustrated that Davis was taking so much food from the house.” After she sustained the eye-wound, she “grabbed a knife from the counter and was trying to get to Davis.” However, the suspect told police a different story; she painted the other woman as the aggressor.

A witness told police the victim “was frustrated that Davis was taking so much food from the house,” and after being wounded in the eye, “grabbed a knife from the counter and was trying to get to Davis.”

She said the victim was “telling her she couldn’t take the last rib and moved the pan away from her.” She claims the woman “grabbed a knife,” so “she stabbed (her) in the eye so she wouldn’t stab her with the knife,” in the natural act of defending herself. Apparently, police didn’t buy the story.

After an investigation, law enforcement on the scene took the woman into custody. Davis was booked at the Delaware County Jail and held on a $5,000 bond. She was charged with criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon. It’s unknown if she posted bail and was released.

While being stabbed for taking the last rib at a party sounds like a parody and became fodder for daytime radio hosts and social media, police say it’s no laughing matter. Luckily, the victim does not have life-threatening injuries.

[Photo by Miles Willis/Getty Images]