George Zimmerman Shooter To Use ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense

The man who reportedly shot at George Zimmerman plans on using the Stand Your Ground defense in what appears to be a bit of irony. The Huffington Post reports that Matthew Apperson’s attorney revealed the detail on Friday. Using the notorious defense could grant the man a pre-trial hearing before a judge, who will ultimately decide whether or not he will ever face a trial in the incident that took place earlier this month. Will he be successful?

Authorities in Lake Mary have already concluded on their own that the altercation was caused by Apperson, who allegedly has some kind of obsession with Zimmerman. They say that Apperson pulled his gun on Zimmerman and fired at him without provocation, indicating that he had lied about Zimmerman brandishing his own firearm first. Police may have appeared to side with Zimmerman, but Apperson is still going to try for the Stand your Ground defense.

Do you think Matthew Apperson will be successful in citing Stand Your Ground for why he shot at the man who killed Trayvon Martin? Social media is continuously lit up with discussions about the ongoing George Zimmerman saga, and the most recent news has only enhanced the debates.

“And, of course, as you know, Mr. Zimmerman is no stranger to a ‘stand your ground’ situation.”

— Billmon (@billmon1) May 30, 2015

Whether or not Apperson has a case or not for the Stand Your Ground defense has yet to be seen, but it’s ultimately up to a judge to decide — and not the police in Lake Mary. After all, the police have dropped charges against Zimmerman multiple times since his acquittal, but a judge may feel differently. Since his acquittal, George Zimmerman has had several brushes with the law, ranging from minor traffic incidents to accusations of domestic violence and accusations of him waving his firearm at people.

It’s hopeful that justice is served in this case. If Matthew Apperson is lying about the event that led to him firing a gun at George Zimmerman, then he will have to pay the consequences. Otherwise, Zimmerman may have just met his match.

[Photo: Lake Mary Police mugshot/Matthew Apperson]