Persona Synthetics: Human Robots Service Company? [Video]

Robots have definitely come a long way, and it seems the Persona Synthetics company plans to take them further. Have you seen this video commercial?

Could you imagine humanoid robots walking up and down the street? There have been several science fiction movies that would suggest it's possible. And from the looks of this advertisement, it would appear that this possibility has come to the forefront.

Persona Synthetics - Human Robots Service Company
Credits: YouTube

In an extended version of the commercial, the narrator describes Persona Synthetics' robots as "part of your family."

"Meet Sally. She is your new best friend. The help you've always wanted. She is perfect in every way.

She can do just about anything. She's faster … stronger … more capable than ever before. She can be just about anyone. Sally is part of your family.

A teacher. A helper. A carer. A friend. She is whatever you want her to be. New Generation Persona Synthetics, closer to humans than ever before."

Persona Synthetics - Human Robots Service Company II
Credits: YouTube

The video is actually an advertisement for a television show that's set to air on AMC. The show's name is Humans.

So, it turns out that the company is just one from the fictitious show. How is that for genius advertising? Did it stir your emotions?

That was possibly the intention though. The first video is just the way it's shown on television. No explanation given or anything. There are several YouTube videos about it — people thinking that it's real.

And rightly so, it's understandable because it looks real.

How about your thoughts? What did the commercial make you feel before learning its real purpose? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.