Zsuzsanna Anderson: Wife Of Controversial Pastor Slams Duggars As ‘Too Liberal,’ Calls Josh A ‘Reprobate’

The Duggars have been accused of being many things, particularly in the light of the recent Josh Duggar sex abuse scandal, but it’s probably safe to say that the family has never been accused of being too liberal.

That is exactly what Zsuzsanna Anderson, wife of controversial Pastor Steven Anderson, is claiming.

The Andersons, from Arizona, are parents of eight children and Steven Anderson, pastor at Faithful Word Baptist Church, is known as an anti-gay Holocaust-denier. At one point, he prayed for the “AIDS-free” Christmas he was certain would happen if all homosexuals were put to death. He also tricked a Holocaust survivor, along with other rabbis, into appearing in his Holocaust-denying documentary by claiming he was trying to make a film for PBS that would introduce the Jewish faith to Christians.

Zsuzsanna Anderson admits that she has never actually met any of the Duggars, but that she has watched every one of their regular shows and television specials because she likes “seeing and learning from the daily workings of a large family.”

That, however, is where her admiration of the Duggars ends — even before it came to light that eldest son Josh had molested at least five young girls as a teenager. Zsuzsanna Anderson views the family that most consider to be ultra-religious and very conservative as the exact opposite.

“We have for years held and publicly stated that the Duggars are liberal and worldly, even as they are known for being ‘fundamentalists. Maybe their beliefs are, but what they are publicly willing to take a stand for is weak and anemic.”

For example, Anderson explains, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar refused to admit that they spanked their children (although they did, and in a rather extreme manner, as well — click here for more on that). Anderson, who agrees with spanking on principle, takes offense to what she views as the Duggars avoidance of the question.

“Never answering whether or not they spank their children, which they obviously did, while telling the world over and over again about their positive approach of praising good behavior. Deceptive at best.”

Deceptive, yes — but liberal?

On top of that, Anderson doesn’t even know whether or not any of the Duggars — particularly the girls — are saved.

“The Duggars promote a false gospel that calls for ‘repentance from sins,’ rather than, what the Bible teaches, a turning from false religion or whatever else we are trusting to get us into heaven other than Jesus. While I have know many good Christians who truly were saved become mixed up in this doctrine of “there will be / has to be some change, many of which later reversed course and realized that their definition of repentance was works salvation, the Duggars push this point more than most […]Because of this, I have only ever given them a 50/50 chance of truly being saved.”

Not the best of odds.

But Anderson saved her harshest criticism for Josh Duggar. Unlike other Christians, many of whom have defended Josh Duggar by reminding everyone that he has asked God for forgiveness, Anderson’s own view on Josh is brutal.

“I believe that all pedophiles are reprobates, that they are unregenerate and in fact can never change, and that they, like all sexual deviants, should be executed as the Bible demands, lest they spread their abusive ways and corrupt more innocent lives.

“I do not believe that pedophiles or other deviants who claim to have found God are telling the truth. I believe this is a lie they tell to gain access to easy targets, namely children in church, at camp, etc.”

But although she views Josh as basically unable to be saved, and perhaps a candidate for execution, she saves some scorn for Jim Bob and Michelle, as his parents.

“It was reckless and irresponsible of the Duggars to allow themselves to rise to stardom, knowing about such ‘skeletons’ in the closet. Even if we set aside ‘Be sure your sin will find you out,’ it was insane to think they could become celebrities, and this not come to light with as many people as were involved in it. Did they consider the repercussions on their son’s life, who would even under the best of circumstances have been reeling to recover from this (if that is even possible)? Did they think the world, who was looking for any way to attack them, was going to look the other way on this? Great shame has been brought upon the cause of Christ through their desire to be rich, popular, or both.”

What do you think? Are the Duggars actually liberal? Did they betray both their son and the daughters that he sexually assaulted by pushing their family into stardom, knowing what their past hid? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via the Steven Anderson Family Blog]

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