‘Smallest Penis In Brooklyn Pageant’ Looks For ‘Exemplary Small’ Male Members

The “Smallest Penis In Brooklyn Pageant,” which debuted last year, will hold once again this year at Brooklyn’s Kings County Saloon in Bushwick, on Saturday, 13 June.

Organizers are once again encouraging men with “exemplary small penises” to avail themselves of a rare opportunity of the spotlight. Contestants for the “coveted” title of owner of the smallest penis will not be required to go nude, but will have ample opportunity to display their vestigial appendages through swimsuits and evening wear.

Organizers promise that this year’s event, like last year’s, will be fun, with plenty of free drinks and snacks, while contestants show off their modest proportions on stage.

According to a media release, contestants will be judged not only with regard to the minuteness of their essential members but in multiple points, including “poise in both evening wear and bathing wear.”

The contest will also include a Q&A talent session in which contestants will have a chance to prove their endowment in other areas that may not be immediately obvious to the judges.

According to the event organizers, the first prize will be awarded to the least physically endowed contestant exhibiting above his peers “extraordinary heart, talent, and chutzpah” and personality.

The winner will be awarded a cash prize of $500 – with an option to donate to charity – and a “wee crown and scepter.”

Because the organizers are having difficulty finding worthy entrants for the competition, they will be accepting video submissions from around the world. Anyone may also nominate someone, friend or foe, for the title of owner of the “smallest penis.”

Last year’s lucky but eminently deserving winner Nicholas Gilronan, said the contest is meant to be light-hearted fun, “laid back and casual,” just like any other weekend fun event.

According to the organizers, the intention is to empower less-endowed but “confident people with a sense of humor.” This, as Jezebel notes, is a welcome departure in a world where guys with “gigantic meat cannons” get all the love.

The organizers had reportedly sought Miley Cyrus as judge for the 2014 contest, apparently because she is a celebrity who takes pride in a related body part of rather modest proportions.