November 7, 2017
‘Aloha’ Reviews: Cameron Crowe’s Latest Is His Worst-Reviewed Yet

Until today, there were no reviews on Rotten Tomatoes for Cameron Crowe's latest, Aloha, which is scheduled to hit theaters this Friday. That is usually a bad sign for any movie, as it shows that the studio doesn't have much hope for it. Now that the reviews are coming in, it appears that Aloha might as well say just that before it premieres to audiences nationwide.

At the time of this publication, Aloha stands at an 11 percent approval rating with 55 of the 62 reviews counted as rotten. That makes it the worst-reviewed film in Crowe's career, beating out Elizabethtown, which has a 28 percent approval rating.

The bad reviews come as Aloha is being surrounded with controversy. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Hawaiian residents blasted Crowe, claiming his new movie features actors who are mostly Caucasian. Guy Aoki, president and co-founder of MANAA, said the population of Hawaii only contains about "30 percent" of Caucasian people.

"From watching this film, you'd think they made up 99 percent."
Many of the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes say Aloha is difficult to follow. Chris Knight of the National Post is one, who mentioned it "feels like a connect-the-dots."
"The head-scratcher of a plot makes even the best performances hard to appreciate. Better to tell this film hello and goodbye. Now if only there were a word that meant both those things."
Jen Yamato of the Daily Beast is another critic who mentioned the film's difficult plot, and even called it "a bigger disaster" than San Andreas, the Dwayne Johnson-starring disaster picture that is also scheduled for release on Friday.
"Not even the combined forces of Cooper, McAdams, Stone, Murray, Alec Baldwin, and John Krasinski can save Aloha."
But not all the reviews for Aloha are bad; there are actually a few critics who seemed to enjoy the movie. Rene Rodriguez of the Miami Herald said the movie was "stranger than Vanilla Sky" and also Cameron Crowe's "worst," but he did find some enjoyment out of it overall to give it a mild recommendation.
"If you connect with Aloha, you'll be revisiting it often. It's an imperfect picture littered with flaws, but sometimes those movies can be the most interesting ones. The doors to the Aloha cult fan club are officially open. I'll take one ticket, please."
Jack Giroux of also praised the film, even though he did say it was "a little messy."
"Aloha may be Cameron Crowe's most Billy Wilder-esque film to date. Crowe is very much inspired by the legendary filmmaker, and it often shows in his work."
Are you planning on seeing Aloha, despite the negative reviews?

[Image credit: Sony Pictures via Variety]