Britney Spears And Iggy Azalea’s ‘Pretty Girls’ Drops Sharply On ‘Billboard’ Hot 100

After their performance at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea’s “Pretty Girls” got a temporary boost on iTunes. It was expected to get a boost on Billboard’s Hot 100 this week. Unfortunately, the song drops from No. 30 to No. 38, and it appears to have lost steam. It’s all downhill from here.

Britney Spears has been widely praised for her performance with Iggy. Entertainment Weekly really seemed to like the spectacle.

“Spears delivered one of her most energetic television performances in years: decked out in a leather-and-sheer fabric unitard, she shimmied around the stage as back-up dancers sporting skater gear moved around her. Azalea, meanwhile, held her own, reprising her role as some sort of alien figure in a silver space-age get-up. As for whether or not the two were lip-syncing their hit — doesn’t it even really matter?”

Unfortunately, that performance wasn’t enough to help the song, which itself received mediocre reviews. The New York Post’s Hardeep Phull, who is one of the most respected music critics today, gave “Pretty Girls” a half star out of five and calls the song “tragically bad.”

“Remember 2014, when music was better? Iggy Azalea obviously does, and that’s why her long-awaited Britney Spears collaboration has turned out to be a woefully formulaic rehash of last summer’s smash ‘Fancy.’ Flimsy electro breaks, Britney’s plastic sassiness, and another inane Iggy rap make this an embarrassment for all concerned.”

“Pretty Girls” is supposed to be the debut single from Britney Spears’ new album. When a debut single performs poorly, it usually leads to doom for a new album. This is bad news for Britney, especially since her last album, Britney Jean, is considered one of the biggest flops in recent music history. Speaking of flops and falls, Spears recently took a tumble on stage and lived to tell about it. E! Online quotes Britney talking about her tumble in an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“I was just kind of bopping around. And I’ve done like eight years worth of shows. Plenty of shows! And I’ve never actually fell onstage, so it was really kind of embarrassing. But yeah, I fell down and I got up, and my dancers kind of guided me to keep going.”

Let’s hope that Britney Spears can remain safe on stage and that, in the future, she thinks twice about performing duets with artists like Iggy Azalea. No matter how little Britney Spears sells these days, she’ll always be an icon.

[Photo Credit: Laney Gossip]