ASAP Rocky Takes An Otherworldly Tone On Latest Album ‘At.Long.Last.ASAP’

ASAP Rocky dropped his album seven days early. On Monday night, he sent out a tweet informing fans he’d release At.Long.Last.ASAP at midnight. ASAP Rocky anticipates a No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts. His last album, Long.Live.ASAP debuted at No. 1 in January, 2013. We’ll need to wait until next week to see if At.Long.Last.ASAP has similar results.

As Forbes reports, the early release trend is gaining traction after Beyoncé did the same with her Beyoncé album. Drake followed her example with an early release of his mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. And Kendrick Lamar followed suit with his To Pimp a Butterfly. All those projects went on to do very well. And now ASAP Rocky follows this trend with hope and expectation.

This project treads new ground for Rocky and the evolution of his art. He has some soulful moments. At times he reminds fans of Andre 3000. But ASAP Rocky isn’t trying to be that different. He’s still keeping to formulas used on his earlier songs, but he keeps that approach wedged within a highly-creative musical setting. It makes you wonder how good this album would have been if he totally drove all aspects of it in the far out direction he drove some aspects of it.

Aside from music, ASAP Rocky finds creative outlet within the fashion scene. Vogue reported on all his fashion exploits. He even has a clothing line. But this past Memorial Day, PacSun was criticized for the shirt they released in collaboration with ASAP Rocky. The shirt has an upside down American flag, which is considered quite a statement to make on the patriotic holiday. But it seems the backlash had no effect on ASAP or his new music.

There is no shortage of drug references on the new album. You’d think ASAP Rocky and the whole ASAP Mob would take a more conservative approach to this topic in the midst of a drug overdose death by group founder ASAP Yams. But as the New York Times reports, it’s still drug music.

Despite the reports of drug use and the song lyrics to back them up, fans hope the remaining members of ASAP Mob can stay healthy, and fully venture into that creative zone they are capable of, as is shown so evidently on all these new song from ASAP Rocky.

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