Ed Sheeran Refused To Kiss Fan — Because She Was 9!

For celebrities, refusing requests from fans can be tricky. That wasn’t the case for Ed Sheeran when a mother approached him with an odd request.

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Sheeran described the difficult situation.

“The parents are the ones that do the things that I think are odd. There was a woman in San Francisco, she wanted me to be her daughter’s first kiss — and her daughter was 9. She was like, ‘Well, Carrie Underwood did it for this 11-year-old boy last week!’”

Ed Sheeran is known for being an artist who is down-to-earth, totally approachable, and up for granting fan requests whenever possible. When this request came up, however, Ed Sheeran was a little hesitant.

“If Carrie Underwood kisses an 11-year-old boy, he goes into school the next day and they go, ‘Oh, you absolute lad!’ If a 9-year-old girl goes into school and goes, ‘I got kissed by a 24-year-old yesterday,’ police are being called, you know?”

Celebrities who turn down requests from fans are often given grief both in the media and across social media platforms. When celebrities refuse fans too often, they sometimes start to be painted as “divas” or people who are “out of touch with reality.”

That’s not the case in Sheeran’s instance with the 9-year-old girl. Instead of being painted as someone who doesn’t care about his fans, media outlets are showing Ed Sheeran in a positive light for refusing the mother’s request.

In fact, in an article fromGigwise titled “Ed Sheeran refuses fan request for all the right reasons,” the website wrote, “Known as being one of the most open and approachable artists working today, Ed Sheeran turned down a recent fan request for reasons that should hopefully be clear.”

In the same post, Gigwise also asked, “What could be strange about a 24-year-old kissing a 9-year-old?”

In the same Entertainment Weekly interview, Ed Sheeran answers questions about other fan requests — such as onstage proposals, for example — and his love life. When asked if he would ever date a fan (of the appropriate age, of course!), Sheeran said, “I think the thing that’s impossible to do is date someone that isn’t aware that I make music. So whether they’re a fan or not, that changes people’s perceptions of you. I don’t really date people in my sphere.”

What do you think of Ed Sheeran’s refusal to kiss his fan?

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]