Mobile Carriers Lose $58B From Problematic Billing Systems In 2011

Mobile companies are making lots of money, as anyone with ridiculous cellphone bills will rant about, but not much is said about how, even with all those profits, those same companies are also losing money.

According to a new study courtesy of Juniper Research these losses are no small amounts either, but in fact can possible add up to billions of dollars, like $58 billion if the study is accurate.

Surprisingly the root cause for these losses are the very mechanisms used to calculate how much you owe them each month. With the ever increasing use of mobile devices and the ever increasing variety of those devices is cause a huge headache for the billing systems used by mobile companies.

As Windsor Holt said, study co-author, when asked by Sean Ludwig from VentureBeat the current systems in place right now can’t accurately identify how the traffic going through the company’s networks is being processed.

That $58 billion in losses equals only 6% of the industry’s total revenue but if things keep up the way they are the study suggests that amount could climb drastically by five times by 2016; which by anyone’s standard would amount to a lot of money.

It is suggested by the study that carriers really are in danger of undermining revenue with their rust to add as many value-added service as they can without first investing in solutions to be able to track data in real-time.