May 27, 2015
Ultimate Party Foul! Guest Threw Boozy Bash In This Lady's Home — Then Crossed Every Line

Jacqui Tierney performed an act of kindness for a neighbor who was down on her luck. But now, the 51-year-old mom from Dundee, Scotland, regrets her generosity because her ungrateful houseguest not only threw a booze-fueled party in her home while Jacqui was out for the evening, the now-former friend committed the ultimate party foul at the soiree — an act so disgusting and heartless that it left Tierney devastated and despairing over the worst elements of human nature.

"How could someone do something like this? It is beyond belief that this happened in my own home," she said in an interview with Britain's Daily Mail newspaper. "My friend witnessed the whole thing and decided I should be told. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. What would make someone do something like that?"

The neighbor, Tierney said, had recently fallen on hard luck and lost her home. So out of pure compassion, she allowed the woman to move in with her and her son while did whatever she could to get back on her feet.

But after the crazy party, the woman simply disappeared. Then Tierney's friend told her what took place at the party — a gathering that Tierney says went on without her knowledge or permission.

Jacqui Tierney's mother, Hilda, sadly passed away four years ago. She was cremated and Tierney had scattered some of her ashes in a few meaningful locations. But she kept some of the ashes in an urn in her home.

But at this party, the ingrate houseguest came up with a sick idea for a hilarious prank. She opened Hilda's urn, spread the ashes on a table then "cut" them into lines as if they were cocaine.

Then the woman promptly snorted the ashes of Jacqui Tierney's beloved mother up her nose.

"My mum meant the world to me and, apart from anything else, how could someone do something so disrespectful?" a stunned Tierney said.

"I was shocked and disgusted," said a friend of Tierney's who was at the party and watched in disbelief as the ashes-snorting abomination. "We had all been drinking and she just seemed to think it was fun and showing off about it. It's worse than jumping on someone's grave. It's so disrespectful to the memory of someone's mum and gran and I can't believe it happened."

Tierney says that she hasn't seen the woman since the repulsive incident — but the former houseguest has attempted to call her. "I don't know what I would say to her," Jacqui Tierney said. "But I know she will never set foot in this house again."

[Image: Jacqui Tierney Facebook]