World’s Most Disturbing Ride Found At China’s ‘Window Of The World’ Theme Park — Care To Try It?

Windows of the World is a massive theme park in the massive city of Shenzhen, China — a city with a population of more than 10 million. The impressive entrance to the park is pictured above. But there is one ride in the park that is not concerned with people living there — but with people dying.

Why anyone would take this ride is a bit of a puzzle, but perhaps it makes more sense in China where about 50 percent of the population chooses to be cremated upon their demise. Apparently, the creators of this new ride believe that those people can’t wait until death for the experience of cremation — so they’ve created an incredible simulation that allows theme park revelers to feel exactly what it’s like to be cremated, while they’re still alive.

Huange Weiping and Ding Rui are the geniuses behind this ride, which is appealingly named The Samadhi 4D Experience of Death, and they claim the ride provides a highly accurate simulation of what it feels like to go through the process of cremation. Of course, the ride can’t be an exact simulation, since people generally don’t go through cremation until they are actually dead and don’t feel anything.

The ride costs about 40 bucks and starts out with ticket buyers entering a faux funeral parlor and being placed into a coffin. The casket then runs on a conveyor belt through the “crematorium” where it is bombarded with heated air —with temperatures reaching about 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

At the end of the ride, the lucky patron emerges into a womb-like room intended to simulate the process of “re-birth,” the creators say.

The two brains behind the operation, naturally enough, tried out the ride for themselves.

“Ding went in the crematory first and it was stressful for me to observe from the outside,” Huang told CNN back in 2014 when the ride was about to open. “The controller of the crematory was also very nervous. He usually just focuses on sending bodies in, but not on bringing them back out.”

Huang himself then gave his co-creation a test spin and found the experience of actually going through the process even less pleasant than watching it.

“It was getting really hot. I couldn’t breathe and I thought my life was over,” he recalled.

Apparently, the pair weren’t the only ones who thought a cremation-simulating theme park ride at Window of the World was a good idea. They raised the funds to develop the Samadhi 4D Experience of Death on a Chinese crowdfunding site — and collected $65,000.

[Image: Wikimedia Commons]