How to get Google in Korea to ban you – use a fake name

What strikes me as rather strange is that all you are hearing is the sound of crickets in the tech blogosphere, or even mainstream media for that matter, over this announcement from Google. As it is I only heard about this from reading a post about on Silicon Valley Watcher where Tom Foremski makes an interesting point

[…] this is the first time Google has ever done this.

It’s corporate philosophy states: “…we have a responsibility to protect your privacy and security.” And its top executives and representatives have often spoken about Google’s commitment to privacy and free speech on the Internet.

What’s the point in Google portraying itself as company with strong principles when it won’t stand up and defend them? What would it be losing if it refused?

Now mind you the fact that the South Korean government is promising Google 1.2 billion yen (about $892,000USD) for research and development when the company enters the South Korean market just might have something to do with it. Seems like a pretty cheap price though for corporate integrity.