Female Student Refuses To Shave Legs, Belly, Arms, Documents Growth With Intimate Post

A female student has been documenting her refusal to shave most of her body with an intimate post, and she wants other woman to follow her.

Yasmin Gasimova decided to write an extensive column that highlighted her lack of shaving while also uploading numerous pictures that showcased her hairy arms, legs and belly.

The 19-year-old, who originally hails from Reading, England, but is currently in her first year of university at University of Liverpool where she is studying computer science and philosophy, admitted that she only ever shaves her leg if she is pining for a one night stand. But, for the most post over the last eight years she has refused to shave her body hair off at all.

Writing for The Tab, a student newspaper, Yasmin Gasimova insisted that “Being hairy isn’t scary,” before then going on to proudly boast, “In a society where women are expected to shave, I’m not ashamed to admit I don’t.”

Gasimova insisted that people would probably be taken aback by just how long the hair on her legs and arms are. Gasimova explained that she decided to embrace her body hair after she was repeatedly bullied for the hair that was inadvertently growing on her upper lip when she was just 10-years-old.

Then, by the time she was 11, she decided to just let it grow naturally especially since shaving her hair on her legs and arms proved to be a huge inconvenience for her and left her with numerous ingrowing hairs on them. Since stopping shaving she insists that she feels more liberated and has encouraged more women to follow her pursuits.

She wrote, “Although women have just as much body hair, albeit generally thinner and lighter, as a society we have decided they have to be completely hairless in order to be seen as truly feminine. But nothing about a woman’s body should make her feel like less of a woman.”

Following her rallying cry, Gasimova was met with support across social media and in the comments of her original post.

[Image via eenevski/Shutterstock]