Ritz Camera Liquidation: Which Stores Will Go?

Ritz Camera is closing about 300 of its stores across America, the company has announced. The move follows Ritz Camera’s bankruptcy declaration this February. About 400 stores will remain in business.

Ritz Camera Going Out of Business

For the 300+ stores that are closing, more than $50 million worth of merchandise will be liquidated starting this Saturday, April 4. Ritz Camera says the sales will continue “until everything is sold to the bare walls.”

Will the deals top what we saw at Circuit City’s closing sales earlier this year? Hard to say. Ritz promises “greatly reduced prices,” but only the numbers will actually tell.

Ritz Camera: Stores Closing

The following is a full list of which Ritz Camera stores will go out of business and begin immediate liquidation (click the magnifying glass to enlarge the text):