Ramona Singer Reignites Feud With Heather Thomson: ‘You Have A Wall Up Of Insincerity’

Ramona Singer had a wall up last season of The Real Housewives of New York because her husband had betrayed her. Ramona wasn’t ready to confront the truth that her marriage was over and that she had been betrayed by Mario Singer’s cheating. He was strutting around the streets of New York with a younger woman, and Ramona had no idea on how to handle everything.

But Ramona Singer is always great when it comes to a good laugh. Singer has always called out her co-stars for their comments, and she has always removed herself from situations that made her uncomfortable. That includes the older feud with Heather Thomson from 2013, when the two met and butted heads on Season 5 of The Real Housewives of New York.

According to a new Hollywood Life report, Ramona Singer is now reigniting the feud with Heather Thomson, which was started back when Heather joined the show. Thomson didn’t really do anything wrong when she joined the show, but Singer couldn’t connect with her. The funny thing is that Heather was actually trying to give Ramona a compliment during a dinner, but Ramona turned it into an attack.

“Heather and LuAnn, you have this sort of wall up of insincerity around me and I didn’t want to break it down, like I can’t be bothered,” Ramona said after getting a compliment from Heather, adding, “Now you’re being aggressive– I’m trying to share something with you and you’re being aggressive.”

Singer doesn’t like it when people bring up her personality. It is no secret that Ramona is confrontational and speaks her mind, but Singer believes that Heather has no idea who she really is. But many people believe that Ramona has grown as a person, especially since she found out that Mario Singer had cheated on her.

“I have seen a lot of change and growth in you as a person,” Heather tells Ramona, which has her responding, “But Heather, I have always been this way,” saying that Dorinda Medley is the only person who has known the real her.

But Ramona Singer is starting to find herself again after learning that her marriage is over. Ramona has revealed that she is giving up on her husband, even though they debated working things out, according to the Inquisitr. Singer will be filing for divorce and relying on her girlfriends to come out on the other side. Ramona recently went to Atlantic City with the ladies to celebrate her birthday.

“It was great to go on a trip to Atlantic City with all the girls to celebrate my birthday. What was more important to me was to celebrate over a lunch with my 30 girlfriends of 20 years,” Singer has said, adding, “My girlfriends who came to the luncheon have been so supportive of me over the past two years in this difficult time. They never made a judgment call and always advised me to do what makes me happy, and they would support me in any decision I made about my marriage. I am truly blessed by each and every one of them.”

What do you think of Ramona Singer reigniting her feud with Heather Thomson?

[Image via Bravo]