Kiaya The Akita: Two Loving Pups Help Blind Dog Move

Kiaya, an Akita, is a 10-year-old blind dog from Waterford, Michigan, that apparently gets a lot of help from two other loving dogs.

The adorable pooch lost both of her eyes due to a tough struggle with glaucoma last year, according to the Huffington Post.

When paying attention to the current life of this blind Akita, what might be considered the most heartwarming part of Kiaya’s story does not have very much to do with her at all.

On the contrary, the beauty of her story comes from her two “brothers” — Cass and Keller.

Gwen Sila, a veterinary ophthalmologist, opened up about what makes Cass and Keller so special in a recent interview with ABC News.

“Her brothers are pretty amazing at the way they help to guide her around. Each of them will stand on either side of her so she doesn’t bump into anything and lead her around the yard.”

Many blind people depend on seeing-eye dogs to help guide them along — especially when walking in public places. Thanks to the loving support of Cass and Keller, this blind dog essentially has two seeing-eye dogs of her own to assist her.

According to owner Jessica VanHusen, Cass was the first of two dogs to voluntarily step in to assist his “sister” back in 2013 after her left eye was removed.

“Cass always allows Kiaya to get to her food dish first and waits for her to start eating. When I take them in the car, he leans against her to keep her steady because she sometimes gets a little off-kilter. He also loves to groom her.”

Over time, the blind dog’s younger “brother” Keller decided to help out as well — creating a dynamic duo of loving canine support for Kiaya. Even though he did not start helping Kiaya the same time as Cass, Keller reportedly jumped into action after the blind dog lost her remaining eye last November.

VanHusen believes that her three dogs are an inspiration to all people — especially when it comes to raising the awareness of pets with special needs.

“They’re an inspiration to everyone. I hope others will see them and realize that a special needs pet deserves a chance. It takes a little effort, but it’s absolutely worth it.”

The story of Kiaya the Akita is more than a story about a blind dog. It is an inspirational tale of how a little love and support can have a big impact on the lives of others.

[Image Credit: Jessica VanHusen]