Egyptian Journalist Walks Around Cairo Posing As A Jew [Video]

An Egyptian journalist dressed as an Orthodox Jew walked through the streets of Cairo, asking passersby for directions to a local synagogue whose address he had on a piece of paper. A camera crew filmed the reaction to the visitor.

This undercover video appears to be a follow-up to similar footage where Jews in various European cities were subjected to anti-Semitic harassment merely for strolling around their city.

Possibly the most notable of these occurred in February when a reporter for the Israeli news website NRG documented an entire day walking through Paris wearing a kippa (yarmulke) and the negative, threatening reactions of some Parisians. Also, last month, a female journalist from Israel was verbally assaulted by four men who launched an anti-Semitic rant as the woman attempted to deliver a report from Paris on the Germanwings jet disaster.

Perhaps inspired by the street videos alluded to above that took place in Europe, an Egyptian news agency tried out a similar exercise in Cairo, the country’s capital city, with a reporter in a disguise. See the video embedded below and draw your own conclusions.

“The Cairo-based Internet news site DOTMSR sent the journalist to the streets of Cairo dressed in overtly Hassidic garb – sidecurls, skullcap, beard, and a hat. The ‘Jewish’ journalist was then subjected to threats of violence, epithets, slurs, and shoving from hostile locals,” The Jerusalem Post reported. “DOTMSR is an Arab-language Internet news site ‘that broadcasts high-quality news items in Arabic.’ It describes itself as a news outlet that ‘believes in openness, innovation, and an obligation to accepting those who are different,'” the Post added.

“The video seems highly edited, so it’s hard to get a sense if the harassment was as pervasive as in European cities. Regardless, Walking While Jewish remains risky in many places in the world,” Legal Insurrection noted.

As the Inquisitr has previously chronicled, apart from day-to-day unpleasantness, anti-Semitic violence and hate crimes are on the rise across Europe. This includes the terrorist murders at the Paris kosher supermarket in January 2015 that accompanied the Charlie Hebdo massacre and a May 2014 attack at the Brussels, Belgium, Jewish museum, which left four persons dead. Given the hostile atmosphere, many Jews in France and neighboring nations have left Europe permanently to resettle in Israel or the United States.

“Perhaps it is not surprising that most locals cannot help the wandering Egyptian journalist find his Jewish destination…There are about ten known synagogues in Cairo today, though many are in a dilapidated or condemned state. Most of Egypt’s Jewish community left the country in the 1950s and 1960s amid an increasingly hostile and anti-Semitic environment,” The Algemeiner explained.

[image via YouTube]